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Welcome to Tetrabytes company. Our moto is our vision:

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Bring your company to the WWWorld.

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We believe that Internet and its services is the future and we support this quote with our ideas and creations. We believe in user-friendly and easy-access applications and we are at your service hoping to support you on any of your ideas, any of your needs. We are a new company in the field of information technology but we are people with extensive experience on National and European information technology projects. Our intention is to spread the World Wide Web to companies and individuals through advanced services and applications, aiming to an automated humanistic world. Our goal is a world of information that will enhance our everyday life, that will make it easier.

Thank you for your support

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The TetraBytes team



TetraBytes Company was founded in 2010 by people with extensive experience in the field of Information Technology and its basic scope is humanistic service provision that could make our everyday life easier through the use of computers, applications and the Interent.

Our basic thought is to provide innovative ideas to the Greek and International community. We are trying to infuse this idea to everyone in order to create services and applications for companies and people, to anyone of us.

We can be competitive because we work having in mind that human is the center of technology and not just a user. Our ideas and the applications that we implement are the ones that we would like to have, to use, to be part of our everyday life and not just a business for money. We believe in win-win relationships with our partners and customers. We may seem as verbose dreamers but we are young, we want to live in a different world and we know that we can achieve it.

In parallel, we use and support open source tools and applications and we try to provide our knowledge to the open source community with additions and changes to existing tools.

Our promise is to provide high quality services and tools and this is the reason we are open to new, innovative ideas and partnerships. We believe that we can conquer the world of Internet, Technology and Informatics... only if we try all together.


Our vision is covered by the basic idea and the basis of the existence of our company. We think that the Word Wide Web can be an important tool through which everyone can win and can offer.

We envisage a wide world where cooperation, easiness, networking, exchange of services and access to information and applications are self-evident and they comprise a basic human right.

Technology Solutions

Our expertise is mainly on Information Technology and Web Application developement. The people who staff our company have specialized in many different areas of Information Technology and Research we can cover a wide range of issues. Simple premises networks and websites to complex computer applications for both operating systems and Internet-wide can be filled by qualified persons in our company.

Specifically our focus is in the Internet and the mobile applications because we believe that our future is based on their services. We choose open source tools because we believe these tools can have global support. Furthermore, with this choice, we can contribute with our own changes and additions to the benefits of global open source community.


Data Mining and Data Processing

Tetrabytes has extensive experience on data mining procedures and data processing algorithms. We specialize on Internet data exploration and our products involve such procedures. Our data mining procedures are applied to the content delivered through Information Extraction techniques, extracting the meaning of a text provided that specific type of metadata and simple data are given to the Information Extraction Mechanism. The basis of Information Extraction is text analysis and more accurately keyword recognition and extraction which are core components of our products.

Web Personalization

Dynamically personalize the data presented according to a dynamic profile of the user. Our products intend to bring a novel way of getting desired information to any kind of device through usage of technologies like: data mining, data cleansing, data reconciliation, useful article identification, multi-language stemming, geo-location services, information networks and ultimately text summarization, categorization and personalization.

Web Content Summarization

Advanced processing algorithms, procedures and tools that lead to summarization of large amount of data. Additionally, in the era of "overinformation" and as technology expands, a need for fewer amounts of data arises in order to be processed by the end user efficiently, especially for handheld devices with small screens.

Web Content Categorization

Web Personalization is based on Automatic Web Content Categorization, which is one of the new trend of the World Wide Web. Our products consist of algorithms and procedures that can detect the similarity of a text with a category and rank it according to the most similar category.

Web Design

Includes logo and website design, domain name registration, hosting services, web site construction and maintenance, website optimization for search engines and advanced website visitor tracking and reporting. We offer you adaptive web design service that is fast, professional, cost effective and convenient. We understand that not every customer has the same needs, budgets and time schedule; therefore we always tailor our services for every customer based on their requirements.

You choose, we bring your company to the WWWorld.

Application/Web Application Design

For companies or individuals that look for something advanced and sophisticated we can extend our simple web design services to web applications. The basic frameworks used for your web application include django, java and spring framework, dojo, jquery, enhanced open source platforms and more. We usually support PHP-MySQL but we implement also in ASP.NET and JSP.

We are constructing for your company your EPR, CMS, CRM, administrative software, automation software, ticketing systems, tracking systems, e-shops and more

If accessing your services from a personal computer does not satisfy you, we can create mobile services for you.

Social Networking/e-Promotion

We believe that the trends of our era is social network. We can arrange a promotion of your company through social networking tools by upgrading your existing infrastructure in order to be compliant with all the major social networking tools.

If you are surrounded by a large community we can help you build your own social networking solution. we provide you the context, you give the content, we make the connection and then you have a community…because it doesn’t matter what you do but it is why you do it!


We are open to partnerships, innovative ideas and we are looking for partners for the design and implementation of products, applications, services and generally technology solutionsl. We are also interested in partnerships for national and european projects in the field of informatics.

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Our work is a proof of our skills and our expertise. Checkout past and current projects:


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